30 years of manufacturing operation

30 years of manufacturing operation

——In 1988, the former machinery import and export company of the petroleum Ministry led the first branch of Kingdream bit company introduced the production technology of PDC Cutters, PDC Inserts, thermal stable polycrystalline and single crystal diamond of Phoenix Company of the United States, and the whole set of equipment includes 5 sets 1500 ton belt presses machines.
——In 2002, it was reformed into Wuhan Reetec as a private joint stock company, which greatly promoted the enthusiasm of the staff and began to establish systematic detection and analysis technology and equipment.
——Today, through 32 years of PDC product research and development and manufacturing accumulation, the products cover PDC Cutters, PDC Inserts, diamond picks, diamond DTH bits
. It is widely used in petroleum geological drilling, mining, road and bridge engineering rock excavation, and other wear-resistant tools.

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