Wuhan REETEC Diamond Co., Ltd.


Reetec Vision:Set up advanced PDC material technical system for petroleum industry. Realize first class productperformance in the world. Satisfy all demands between customers, employees and shareholders. And achieve sustained development of the company.


Reetec Value:Value is embodied in quality, fate can be changed by technology.


Reetec Commissions:Reetec is devoted to develop diamond material technologies, and provide customers with excellentdiamond products and service. Reetec continuously employs new technology, properly trains employees and unceasingly increase its ability of taking obligations, so as to obtain profit by virtue of quality. Reetec establishes and maintains a mechanism of self-confident, mutual-confident, experience open and focus on difference and therefore, create a specialized team with excellent creativity and implementation. Finally, construct a comfortable working environment so that employees of the company shall contribute to customers pleasantly.


Reetec Humanistic Spirit:Live as brothers and sisters, learn as prentice, and work as expert.