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PDC insert cutters is composed of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and cemented carbide substrate, which is a kind of super-hard composite produced under ultra high pressure and ultra high temperature.

The manufacturing principle is same as that of ordinary PDC. But the shape of diamond layer is different for different application. Spherical insert (ZQ series), conical insert (ZZ series), flat insert (ZP series) are available.

PDC insert mainly have the spherical shape, conical shape, etc. It mainly used for drilling or dange protection teeth for roller bit and DTH bit, we make these PDC inserts by customers’ drawing ,and can make the diameter ranges from 5 to 25mm,the height ranges from 5 to 30mm.

Product advantages:

1.Material: 100% virgin raw material with submicron and average grain size.

2.Types: standard, conical, parabolic, ballistic

3.Excellent bonding between diamond particles.

4.Tolerance: strict tolerance extent control, which can reach +/-0.01mm

5.Physical performance: high hardness and impact toughness, very good mechanical & chemical stability


1.High wear resistant---higher  than that of conventional  inserts by an order of magnitude

2.High impact resistance---times of impact with high energy (120J and 240J) can reach  6 times continuously (3 times each) without damage.

3.High thermal stability---thermal cycles in air of 750can be above 20

Application field: Oil field drilling, Oil mining, Coal mining

Quality: ISO 9001:2008 quality control system


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